TITAN MACHINERY joins the Outlaw


3-11-22 The Outlaw Truck and Tractor Pulling Association – Heartland Division is proud to announce their new partnership with Titan Machinery, a Case IH dealership network of over 70 locations across the Midwest, as their Title Sponsor for the 2022 pulling season!

Being the first year out of the gate for this great new division of pulling out west, the Outlaw HEARTLAND DIVISION is proud to add such a respected company like Titan Machinery to their list of supporting partners!

The Outlaw organization, our fans, our pullers, and our promoters have always held to the highest level, our support and appreciation back to our partners! We are excited to partner with Titan Machinery in our Heartland Division and help them grow their business while they help us grow this great sport that we call truck and tractor pulling.

“I am excited that we can build off of the corporate CASE IH title sponsorship of the Outlaws and include Titan Machinery as our very own Title Sponsor for the HEARTLAND DIVISION,” says Greg Lussetto, Regional Director of the Heartland Division. “Titan Machinery is very well known and respected in our footprint and we are excited to help them back by promotion their business in all that we do in the HEARTLAND DIVISION”, Greg adds!

“Growing the sport of truck and tractor pulling has been first and foremost my goal for the Outlaws”, says Kurt Van Beek, Owner and CEO. “The Heartland Division has taken off like wild fire and it is partners liker Titan Machinery that will only help grow this amazing sport,” Kurt adds!

Please help us in welcoming Titan Machinery to our Outlaw Family!

      • For more information about the Outlaw and the Outlaw Heartland Division, visit us at: www.outlawpulling.com and follow us on social media.
      • For more information about TITAN MACHINERY, your can visit then at: www.titanmachinery.com and follow them on social media.
      • For more information about CASE IH, you can visit them at www.caseih.com and follow then on social Media.

Raised Outlaw Purse

$20,000 Added to OTTPA Points Fund for 2022

Hi Everyone,

Hoping you are all having a great off-season.  Hope everyone’s winter projects are coming along nicely.  We have had a very wild minter up here in northwest Iowa and spring looks to be right around the corner.

It has been a great off-season for the Outlaws and especially with sponsorship.  We have had unbelievable sucess, thanks to everyone for your help.  Ron, Dave, Brandon and the Outlaw leadership team have worked tirelessly to make this the best organization west of the Mississippi.

We have put together a great schedule for 2022.  Everyone has plenty of hooks and mostly double events when we you out.

The Young Guns program, which we started in 2022 is really taking off.  Its exciting for the Outlaws and we look forward to continuing to mentor and walk alongside our Young Guns as they help us take this sport to the next level and new heights.

We also want to thank mom’s, dad’s and the legends of the sport that still pull with us for your continued dedication to these young guns and to the outlaw family and to the Outlaw Organization.  We coudln’t do it without you!

Today the Outlaws are announcing that we will add $20,000 to the end of the year points fund for 2022.  We can do this because of our great group of pullers and of couse because of our great sponsors.  (We hope that you all support them when you get the opportunity).  Hopefully this will help with some of the travel expense.  I am excited to get the 2022 season going, its going to be a great year.  “LET”S GO PULLING”

Thanks, Kurt

Updated engine cable rule effective immediately!

All inline turbocharged engines are required to have a cable(s) placed
between first and second cylinder through exhaust manifold port area.

Cable must be a minimum of one (1) 3/8” manufactured pendant line with
a rating of at least 3000 lb or more wit a tag from manufacture that
indicates rated load capacity with swaged sockets.
No alterations to cable or cable ends


Two (2) 3/8” cables between first and second cylinder through exhaust
manifold port area with a minimum of 4 clamps at the splice or crimps with
a coupler on each cable.
Cable(s) must circle the entire head/block assembly with a maximum of 4”