Early Membership Deadline Approaching

Just a friendly reminder that the deadline for the early membership discount is this Saturday, December 15th, so get your forms completed and postmarked by that day. The forms are on the website if you need a set of them.

Texas Hold’em Tournament Info

If you want to join in the fun with the Texas Hold’em Tournament, please let  Dave or Lori know via text or phone call as soon as possible!

Texas Hold’em Tournament held at the Hotel Friday – 3:00 pm Florence Room Benefits the Outlaw Scholarship Fund
Calling all card players—get in on the action at 3 pm Friday. Conveniently located in the same hotel as the Banquet/Meetings. Entry Fee is $150 ($75 to the tournament & $75 to the Scholarship Fund) It’s not too late – send Lori or Bennett a text a let them know you want a seat at the tables or come early and register.

WANTED: DEALERS Card dealers for Texas Hold’em Tournament. If you can deal we need you…..good chance you will know the players!! Please let us know if you can help out.

Texas Hold’em Information Flyer

Scholarship Auction

Reminder if anyone has items for the scholarship auction – please get those rounded-up.  Don’t forget your Implement Dealers, Seed/Chemical/Fertilizer dealers or any business you work closely with – they make for great places to find donation items for the Scholarship Auction.” Please let Meribeth Wortmann know if you have a donation either before the banquet or when you get to the banquet.

Volunteers needed! Siena/Francis Homeless Shelter

This year the Outlaws are going to be helping out at the Siena/Francis Homeless shelter in Omaha, NE.  We will be sorting through donations from 2-4.  If anyone is interested in volunteering please contact Lori Bauer and she will help you on the schedule for the day and all other details.  Thanks and see everyone in Omaha!

Scholarship Applications

Since Monday, October 8th is a holiday, the postmark application date has been moved to Tuesday, October 9th. There is still time to get your applications submitted.

Applications for Scholarship

The scholarship deadline for application is October 8th.  Your applications must be postmarked no later than the 8th of October.  Get your applications completed this week so you don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Spencer Schedule Update

The Diesel Super Stocks have been moved to the 6:30 session at Spencer.