Phone App Update

The phone app has been updated with the schedule. To ensure you have the updated app, go to your on-line app store and run an update.

Super Farm Turbo-Buyback

OTTPA Super Farm Competitors,

Precision Turbos is ready to take orders for your 2018 units.   These turbos will be available to ship the end of April and will ship on a first order first ship basis.

If you want to take part in the $1400 buy back with you current turbo please call in and set that return up with your order.  They may have you submit an RMA or return number with your shipment to keep that tied to your order.

Precision will do a visual inspection of your buy back unit to make sure it was a working turbo and then issue you the credit upon inspection.   If there is obvious issues with these units that can effect the buy back price.   This process is just to avoid someone sending in a unit that is not in running condition.

Please call Precision at  855.996.7832 and make sure they know you are with OTTPA Super Farm new turbo program.

Thank you for your patience and good luck this summer!

Adam Vaske

Pre-Entry Form Posted

The pre-entry form has been posted on the web site under “Pullers”.  Forms must be postmarked by May 1st to be eligible for the $5 discount. If you pre-enter after May 1st, you will not receive the $5 discount. The deadline for registering for the 2018 pre-entry program is prior to the first vehicle in your class going down the track for the 2018 season.

Final Schedule Posted

The final schedule has been posted to the web site under the “Pullers” . The calendar and phone ap will be updated shortly.

VP Racing Fuel – Lincoln NE

Justin is able to bring some fuel up to Lincoln NE on Friday, March 23rd.  If you want fuel, you need to give him or Kurt VanBeek a call by Thursday.

2018 Rule Book Posted

The 2018 Rule Book has been posted on the web site under the Puller page.

Thank you Doug Oertwich!

It is with regret that we have received a letter from Doug Oertwich informing us that he can no longer serve on the OTTPA board, He will also be resigning from the Wisner Neb. Board, Doug is running  for the State Representative  position in the state of Neb. And in doing that it Doesn’t allow him to serve on these boards, Doug has been a big asset to the OTTPA board and will be missed, Doug has also been the President of the Wisner tractor pullers group for the last years and has been a board member since they started the pull, Doug will really be missed in that position, Doug worked hard and put in countless hours to grow that show into the great event that it is, Doug has always worked hard for the Outlaws, the Wisner pull and the town of Wisner, We know that the State of Neb. Will be lucky to have a hard working, honest man like Doug working for them and we wish him the best in this next challenge, GOOD LUCK Doug, and thanks for everything  Kurt , Taylor and Adam


A tentative schedule has been posted on the web site. You can located it under the following: click on “Pullers” on the web site and “2018 Schedule”. Just a reminder, this is a tentative schedule.

Deadline for Early Registration

December 15th is the early registration deadline. If you need the forms, they are located on the Pullers page, click Pullers and you will see the forms with a link. Click the form and you can print them from the site.

Limited Quantity of 35th Anniversary Jackets Available

There are limited quantities of the 35th anniversary jacket left. Check out the “Shop” link on the website.

We are not ordering additional jackets unless we have 25 orders or more. If you want to order one, I will put you on a wait list until we reach the quantity minimum. Your order must be in by December 20th.