The Outlaw Tuck & Tractor Pulling Association (OTTPA) was formed in 1982. OTTPA is the premier pulling association in the Midwest sanctioning over 70 sessions of pulling in over 50 cities from Texas to South Dakota.The OTTPA has 14 classes and 250 competing vehicles – the best offering in truck and tractor pulling to promoters in the Midwest. The competitors from 17 different states are competing for over $1.5 million in prize money on this year’s “OTTPA Thunder in the Dirt Summer Tour”.

OTTPA has become the choice of promoters in the Midwest for its fast and exciting events, which has created a fan base and delivers big crowds at each event. OTTPA is promoted in a variety of ways including ads in OTTPA programs, magazine ads, signage, big screens showcasing products and commercials for the sponsors, vehicle displays, radio and news print, posters, t-shirts, and web presence.