VP Fuel Additive for 2022 Season

It has been brought to our attention that some of the fuel pump builders are having trouble getting the barrels and plungers coated for some of the pumps they are building for pullers for this year.  Because of this the OTTPA has decided to allow extra lube to be added to the VP fuel for the 2022 season, BUT THE ONLY ADDITIVE YOU CAN RUN lS SCHAEFFER’S SOY SHIELD at 15 ounces per 5 gallons. We will be adding 1″5 ounces of Schaeffer’s Soy Shield to a gallon of VP Fuel and establish a base line for testing. lF any fuel does not meet that base line test it will be sent away for further testing, ANYONE caught with any other substance in the VP fuel other than Schaeffer’s soy shield will be taking a 1 year and 10 day vacation from pulling at any OTTPA event. lF anyone has any questions call Ryan, Brandon. Dave or Kurt.

Again this is just a temporary fix so that we can all go pulling and the only lube that is allowed is Schaeffer’s soy shield. LET’S GO PULLING and have a fun summer.

Livestock Equipment & Manufacturing Joins Forces With The Outlaws

OTTPA pullers and fans, please join us in welcoming our newest sponsor for the 2022 season, Livestock Equipment & Manufacturing, based in Hull, IA. LEM manufactures portable and stationary cattle chutes, cattle corrals for working cattle, as well as animated flooring for the corrals. LEM’s products are proudly manufactured in Hull, IA where the folks at Livestock Equipment & Manufacturing look forward to talking to you about all of your livestock handling needs.
Through the years, Livestock Equipment & Manufacturing has worked closely with many vets and cattlemen to ensure they are receiving the products that they want and need. Livestock Equipment & Manufacturing is known for the customization that we do. From remodeling an existing facility to brand new construction, we are able to offer years of experience and knowledge to make your facility do the job that it needs to do.
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