Outlaw turbo containment

After discussion with many engine builders and turbo manufacturers we have decided it was in the best interest of the Outlaws to make sure our competitors, fans and officials are as safe as possible.  With this being said we will require all turbo charged engines to have one of the following 4 containment devices in order to compete in 2024.  All turbo containment devices also need 2 grade 5 1/2″ bolts installed into exhaust pipe as close to exhaust flange as well.

*(1)* Turbo exhaust housing with 1/2″ grade 5 cross bolts installed into the housing.
*(2)* Wimer exhaust cage bolted onto housing with (8) 5/16 bolts
*(3)* Apex containment ring – must also run two straps 1″ wide 1/4″ thick support straps welded to exhaust piping with a minimum of 5/16 bolts securing them.
*(4)* Containment ring specifications provided by GMS
* All turbo charged engines must also run a compressor blanket or 1/16″ steel or 1/8 aluminum containment shroud to cover intake housing.  Shrouds must cover the intake housing and have 4 secure bolt locations with a minimum of 5/16 fasteners.
* Any intake wheel that is not enclosed into the hood that is easily accessible must have a containment system to prevent the intake wheel from discharging forward.  We will gather more information on this as we go forward to find the best possible solutions.
Any questions feel free to call Taylor Van Beek at (712)470-1900
 Contact information to purchase containment devices and compressor blankets
*GMS – (513) 756-9900
*Wimer Fuel and Injection – (724) 376-2904
* Harts Diesel – (660) 248-2662
* Apex Turbo – (734) 777-1380
*Apex Diesel – 814-382-4515
Link to Specs below