Pre-entry Deadline May 1

Pre entry discount deadline is May 1. Pre entry not required to collect points. You may pre-enter after this up to Rock Valley but there is no discount.


VP Fuel Additive for 2022 Season – Updated

It has been brought to our attention that some of the fuel pump builders are having trouble getting the barrels and plungers coated for some of the pumps they are building for pullers for this year.  Because of this the OTTPA has decided to allow extra lube to be added to the VP fuel for the 2022 season, BUT THE ONLY ADDITIVE YOU CAN RUN lS SCHAEFFER’S SOY SHIELD at 16 ounces per 50 gallons. We will be adding 1 ounces of Schaeffer’s Soy Shield to 3.125 gallons of VP Fuel and establish a base line for testing. lF any fuel does not meet that base line test it will be sent away for further testing, ANYONE caught with any other substance in the VP fuel other than Schaeffer’s soy shield will be taking a 1 year and 10 day vacation from pulling at any OTTPA event. lF anyone has any questions call Ryan, Brandon. Dave or Kurt.

Again this is just a temporary fix so that we can all go pulling and the only lube that is allowed is Schaeffer’s soy shield. LET’S GO PULLING and have a fun summer.

VP Fuel and Water

Make sure to get your orders in as soon as possible to lock in current pricing for VP fuel and water for the 2022 Season.  Contact Justin Bolt(417-536-1932) or Bryce Van Genderen(641-799-4452) for any orders on current pricing.

Outlaw Truck and Tractor Pulling Association to Add: 9000# PRO FARM Class

Outlaw Truck and Tractor Pulling Association to Add:     9000# PRO FARM Class

3-17-22 – The Outlaw Truck and Tractor Pulling Association to add the 9000#  PRO FARM Class to their National Division Schedule for 2022.

With a growing interest in the 9000# Pro Farm Class, the Outlaw National division is taking the initiative to add this exciting class to the 2022 schedule.  Already booked at 3 events for this season (Wayne, NE,  Springfield, MO,  and Macon, MO) this class further expands the options of classes in the Outlaw National Division for our fans and promoters.

At 466 cubic inches limited to 3500 rpms with a gt42 box turbo, this class is destined to grow offering more color and brands on the track!  Primarily based in Missouri, this class is catching the eye of many other states where competitors are excited to jump up to this next level of pulling.

The Outlaw Truck and Tractor Pulling Assn. is excited to help this class grow on the National level as we are already taking calls and interest for adding the 9000# Pro Farm class at 2023 events!

For more technical and safety  information about this class, feel free to contact Brandon Holcomb at:

To learn more about this class as a promoter, please contact Ron Stone at:



TITAN MACHINERY joins the Outlaw


3-11-22 The Outlaw Truck and Tractor Pulling Association – Heartland Division is proud to announce their new partnership with Titan Machinery, a Case IH dealership network of over 70 locations across the Midwest, as their Title Sponsor for the 2022 pulling season!

Being the first year out of the gate for this great new division of pulling out west, the Outlaw HEARTLAND DIVISION is proud to add such a respected company like Titan Machinery to their list of supporting partners!

The Outlaw organization, our fans, our pullers, and our promoters have always held to the highest level, our support and appreciation back to our partners! We are excited to partner with Titan Machinery in our Heartland Division and help them grow their business while they help us grow this great sport that we call truck and tractor pulling.

“I am excited that we can build off of the corporate CASE IH title sponsorship of the Outlaws and include Titan Machinery as our very own Title Sponsor for the HEARTLAND DIVISION,” says Greg Lussetto, Regional Director of the Heartland Division. “Titan Machinery is very well known and respected in our footprint and we are excited to help them back by promotion their business in all that we do in the HEARTLAND DIVISION”, Greg adds!

“Growing the sport of truck and tractor pulling has been first and foremost my goal for the Outlaws”, says Kurt Van Beek, Owner and CEO. “The Heartland Division has taken off like wild fire and it is partners liker Titan Machinery that will only help grow this amazing sport,” Kurt adds!

Please help us in welcoming Titan Machinery to our Outlaw Family!

      • For more information about the Outlaw and the Outlaw Heartland Division, visit us at: and follow us on social media.
      • For more information about TITAN MACHINERY, your can visit then at: and follow them on social media.
      • For more information about CASE IH, you can visit them at and follow then on social Media.