Thank you Doug Oertwich!

It is with regret that we have received a letter from Doug Oertwich informing us that he can no longer serve on the OTTPA board, He will also be resigning from the Wisner Neb. Board, Doug is running  for the State Representative  position in the state of Neb. And in doing that it Doesn’t allow him to serve on these boards, Doug has been a big asset to the OTTPA board and will be missed, Doug has also been the President of the Wisner tractor pullers group for the last years and has been a board member since they started the pull, Doug will really be missed in that position, Doug worked hard and put in countless hours to grow that show into the great event that it is, Doug has always worked hard for the Outlaws, the Wisner pull and the town of Wisner, We know that the State of Neb. Will be lucky to have a hard working, honest man like Doug working for them and we wish him the best in this next challenge, GOOD LUCK Doug, and thanks for everything  Kurt , Taylor and Adam