New OTTPA Team Members

Kurt VanBeek announced his new OTTPA leadership team today.

Adam Vaske will be the new Chief Operating Officer.  Adam comes from Clear Lake Iowa and owns and operates a diesel super stock tractor called Chance Encounter. Adam is stepping into a big role; he has been around pulling his whole life. As a child, as soon as he was walking, he was at the track. Adam has built and operated his own business for the past eight years. He, like Doug Ridder have been successful in developing and operating pulling vehicles. Adam brings some youth along with pulling maturity to the team, he is known for his level-headed thinking and a forward vision for the sport. Adam will work with others on the team to develop a full schedule of events, promoting the series and providing direction and focus to grow OTTPA. Adam will research and develop rules for the classes and work closely with Ryan on the technical aspects. Adam will also serve on the Executive Board.

Susan Dunklau will be the Operations Director/Office Manager. Susan comes from Arlington Nebraska. Susan previously worked in rolls of management for large corporations like Farm Credit and Woodhouse Racing. She has and is currently working with the World Challenge racing series. Randy and Susan own and operate a light super stock tractor called Green Acres. She brings a lot of experience to the team from accounting to having worked for and helped run a successful motorsport racing series. She brings the experiences from the racing series to the pulling series to assist in the growth of the OTTPA brand.

Doug Ridder will be an Executive Director. Doug has been around pulling his whole life, he has been very successful. He and his brother Dustin own and operate a 4WD pickup called Stroker.  Doug lives in Hermann Missouri. He was a key person in the startup operations of Xcaliber Pulling and has previously worked with the Central Missouri Pullers Association. Doug is well known for his ability to think things through and brings a lot of maturity and experience to the team. Doug will be working in Missouri and Kansas lining up pulls. Doug will also serve on the Executive Committee and be the advisor for the Modified Tractor Classes and Pickup Classes.

Lori Bauer will be the Event Promotions and PR Assistant. Lori and her husband Kevin live in Paton Iowa. Lori’s role remains like what she is doing now in terms of handling entries, membership cards, recording distances, setting up the entire banquet, etc. Lori will also be assisting the other team members at fair conventions, working with promoters prior to the events and working closely with the pullers.

Keith Dohrman will be the Communications Director. This is a new role that will begin our journey into the social media world. Keith will work on promoting the OTTPA brand by running a live stream of some events and promoting the series through apps and programs like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Keith and his family own and operate a Light Super Stock Tractor called Allis Express out of Sweet Springs Missouri.

Other members of the team whose roles will remain the same are Warren Bauer, Screen Operations Director; Ryan Boysen, Tech and Field Operations Director; Regional Directors-Dave Bennett and Fred Petsch.

Executive Board – the Executive Board will include the following members: Kurt VanBeek, Rich Rozeboom, Fred Petsch, Robert Zajieck, Adam Vaske, Doug Ridder, Ryan Boysen.

Board of Directors – Robert Zajicek, Jeff Sievertsen, Larry Hollis, Allen Andrews, Chris Barton, Dave Novak, Doug Oertwich, Dave Yarick, Brian Fuhr, Randy Dunklau, Craig Ulmer, Troy Arndt, Glen Frese and Doug Ridder. The board of directors will be instrumental in the development of rules which will continue moving their classes forward.

By making these changes with the leadership and operations, this will allow Kurt and Taylor to get back to working on sponsorship for OTTPA.

State Scheduling Representatives

Adam Vaske – South Dakota and Iowa

Doug Ridder – Missouri and Kansas

Dave Bennett – Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas

Fred Petsch – Nebraska