Arlington Nebraska Direction Info

With the recent floods that have happened or continue to happen, routes into many pulls may be altered. Arlington is no exception to this.  You cannot enter Arlington via US Highway 30 from the west.  East into town is open.

If you are coming from the west or north, highway 275 that runs down past Fremont, Nebraska has a detour posted to get to US Hwy 30. At the present time, I-29 is open to Missouri Valley, Iowa where you can pick up Highway 30 west and it will take you directly into Arlington.

From the south, you will have to find a route that will get you to I-29 at Missouri Valley, IA where you can pick up US Hwy 30. I-29 is closed south of Council Bluffs and into northern Missouri.

Coming from the east, US Hwy 30 is open all the way into Arlington.

Fuel & Water Order This Week

The Fuel and Water order form is on the website under Pullers. If you intend on picking up fuel and water at Ravenna, please let Justin know by faxing your order or email or calling him. In an effort to have what you need at Ravenna, you need to order it in advance so Justin can make sure he has enough on hand.

Orders can be faxed to 1-785-539-3212 or E-mailed to: Please contact Justin @ 785-539-2700 with any questions

Schedule Updates

The schedule has been updated with a few minor changes to Arlington, Onawa, Rock Valley, Weeping Water and Wisner. The P4x4 pickups have been added to Arlington and Weeping water along with 2 hooks at Rock Valley. The Super Farm class has been added to Onawa. The full schedule pdf document can be found under schedule or pullers on the website.

Flood Victim Fund Raiser To Kick Off Season

This past winter and early spring were a challenging one for the people in the middle part of the country specifically in the states of Nebraska and Iowa with the devastating floods. As we kick off the OTTPA tractor pulling season at Arlington and Ravenna, we will be accepting check or cash donations that will go to help the farmers in Nebraska.

These monies will be given to an organization called the Orphan Grain Train. Orphan Grain Train is a Christian organization that works nationwide to share resources with those in need and those devastated by natural disasters. They are based right here in Norfolk, NE.

The Orphan Grain Train will use these donations for the relief of families devastated by the flood waters by purchasing water, food, flood relief supplies, building materials, etc. 100% of your donation will go towards helping families affected by recent floods.