With the uncertainties surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic and the summer pulling season scheduled to begin soon, the Outlaw Executive Board of Directors along with a number of class representatives and a number of promoters met on a conference call Monday afternoon to discuss options for the 2020 season. The discussion was based on how to move forward amid the uncertainties surrounding the pandemic, specifically how it affects sponsorship support at the local level. Unfortunately, the current situation has a number of promoters faced with a decision they don’t want to have to make. It has always been apparent that the promoter accepts the greatest amount of risk in hosting an event especially when that event is reliant on ticket sales to pay the bills. Sponsors contribute a great deal but some sponsors understandably may not be able to support events in which they traditionally have in the past placing additional risk on the promoter. In order to assist promoters who accept the risks of having less sponsorship and the potential for having fewer “butts in the seats”, the following changes have been adopted for the 2020 season. 

  • Purse totals per class will be reduced by 10%
  • The Outlaw points fund will be utilized to fund a discount to promoters of $450 per class  

We are fortunate to have incredible sponsors who are standing behind us, the greatest competitors in motorsports pulling with us, the most dedicated promoters in the business hosting our events, and the most loyal fans in the world chomping at the bit to get out this summer and experience the greatest sport on earth!  We are optimistic moving forward that the global pandemic will be behind us soon so we can kick the tires and light the fires in June! Let’s go pulling!



The “CASE IH Thunder in the Dirt Outlaw Pulling Series” kicks off in twelve short weeks in Ravenna, Nebraska and questions abound surrounding the upcoming season in regards to the Corona Pandemic and how it may affect the upcoming season. We will remain focused on what is shaping up to be the most exciting season yet for the Outlaws and we are hopeful that Covid 19 will be behind us and allow for the season to remain on schedule as planned starting in June. Stay tuned, stay safe, and pray for friends and neighbors that may be affected by this pandemic and let’s do our part to eradicate it, put it behind us, and prepare for the most exciting Outlaw season ever!

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Spring Newsletter

Hi Everyone, hoping you have all had a great off season!

Hopefully everyone’s winter projects are coming along nicely, we have had a very mild winter up here in Northwest Iowa and spring looks to be right around the corner. It has been a great off-season for the Outlaws where sponsorship is concerned, we have unbelievable success thanks to a lot of pullers and promoters who have stepped up and helped us secure some great sponsors. Thanks to everyone who helped with sponsorship.

Putting the schedule together was challenging because of leap year and we also had some last-minute date changes, but overall, I think we have a good schedule ahead for everyone for the 2020 season. As it turns out, there is a little bit more traveling for everyone and for that we apologize. Next year everything should fall back in line rather nicely. We have a couple Saturday night openings this year because of some late date changes which will be fixed next year and some weekends that should’ve had double hooks this year will have them next year.

By now, you all know Adam has stepped down from doing the scheduling and from the Outlaw leadership team to spend some more time with his kids who are in sports and on traveling teams. We wish him and his family the best.

Ron Stone will now step into that position of taking care of the schedule and on the leadership team as well as all the other duties that Adam was helping with. Ron has been with the Outlaws now for a year. He has been around pulling his whole life and is excited about his new role with the Outlaws. Ron will attend almost every event this year either announcing or helping in other capacities. Look him up and get a chance to know him so he gets a chance to know you.

I also want to highlight our sponsors; without them we couldn’t do what we all love to do all summer long.  I hope if there is an opportunity for any of you to work with the sponsors that you give them a chance at earning your business.  As you’ve seen on our website and Facebook Case IH has become the title sponsor of the Outlaws.  We want to thank them for this opportunity and look forward too many years of promoting the Case IH brand.

Other big-name sponsors that you all need to learn more about Ekotuning, they can help you get the most out of your equipment by tuning for better fuel efficiency and more power.

VP Racing Fuel will again be the spec fuel of all vehicles with OTTPA, look for their full line of other products at your auto parts store.

We are excited to have Schaeffer Oil and Lubricants as a sponsor; their oils and lubricants are the best anywhere.

Braungardt Ag from Bowling Green Missouri is a seed and chemical company that can ship directly to your farm at great prices with the best service anywhere.

Dekalb/ Asgrow is leader in the seed business give them a shot at earning some of your acres.

Frosted Frogg coolers and tumblers, we are excited about having their brand of products in the Outlaw merchandise trailer this year. They will be at Cowtown in Kansas City. Their coolers and tumblers are as good as Yeti and considerably cheaper, give them a try.

Off Road Belts is another company that we hope you look for if you are needing to stock your shop with belts or just needing a belt for your lawnmower or anything all the way up to your combine.

Some of the companies that have worked with us on sponsorship and are companies that you are all buying parts from are listed below and when you are looking for parts please consider one of these sponsors.

Wimer Fuel systems and Turbo

Fairvalley Performance

Diesel Performance and Engineering (DPE)

Pro Puller tires

Evolution chassis

Laird Manufacturing-manufacture of manure spreaders and feeder wagons

Graham tire-Give them a chance at your tire business, mention the OTTPA promo code

Agri-Shield has been a great sponsor the outlaws the last four years

Hopefully you all recognize that these sponsors are what keeps it all going please take a second look and give them a chance at your business.

Hoping everyone has a great spring and look forward to seeing everyone in June let’s go pulling!

Thank you!

Kurt Van Beek