Raised Outlaw Purse

$20,000 Added to OTTPA Points Fund for 2022

Hi Everyone,

Hoping you are all having a great off-season.  Hope everyone’s winter projects are coming along nicely.  We have had a very wild minter up here in northwest Iowa and spring looks to be right around the corner.

It has been a great off-season for the Outlaws and especially with sponsorship.  We have had unbelievable sucess, thanks to everyone for your help.  Ron, Dave, Brandon and the Outlaw leadership team have worked tirelessly to make this the best organization west of the Mississippi.

We have put together a great schedule for 2022.  Everyone has plenty of hooks and mostly double events when we you out.

The Young Guns program, which we started in 2022 is really taking off.  Its exciting for the Outlaws and we look forward to continuing to mentor and walk alongside our Young Guns as they help us take this sport to the next level and new heights.

We also want to thank mom’s, dad’s and the legends of the sport that still pull with us for your continued dedication to these young guns and to the outlaw family and to the Outlaw Organization.  We coudln’t do it without you!

Today the Outlaws are announcing that we will add $20,000 to the end of the year points fund for 2022.  We can do this because of our great group of pullers and of couse because of our great sponsors.  (We hope that you all support them when you get the opportunity).  Hopefully this will help with some of the travel expense.  I am excited to get the 2022 season going, its going to be a great year.  “LET”S GO PULLING”

Thanks, Kurt