2022 Rule Change Proposals

Reminder that all rule change proposals for 2022 pulling season must be submitted to your class representative no later than September 19th.

This rule was put in place this last season and will be followed. Too many times rules are rushed through and there is not enough time for due diligence and research into the idea(s).

By having them emailed or handwritten with all details, drawings, and information, this will allow for all proposals to be summarized and circulated among the class PRIOR to the banquet and rules meeting.

The Outlaws strive to be an association where the pullers have a voice.  This will allow for a very thorough and well thought out rule change process.

Please email or handwrite your proposal.  Class reps will then get all proposals out by October 1st to their class members.

Each rule change proposal will then have final discussion at the banquet rules meeting and a final vote held.

Rule changes voted and passed will then go before the board for final approval!

We hope you find this as a thorough and though out process!

We are proud of our Outlaw Family!


Kurt VanBeek

Dave Nelson

Dubuque Tractor Pull – UPDATE

Due to overnight showers the track and infield has become very wet and with a chance of rain this afternoon in the forecast the Friday night pull will no longer happen.  We are looking forward to still having the pull Saturday as planned.

Pre-Entry Forms Deadline May 15th

In order to receive the $5.00 discount per event, pre-entry forms need to be postmarked by May 15th.

You can still sign up for the pre-entry up to Rock Valley but will not receive the discount.