Off Road Belts joins the Outlaws for 2020

The Outlaw Truck and Tractor Pulling Association would like to welcome Off Road Belts as the Official Belt Supplier for the 2020 Season.

Off Road Belts is a premier internet v-belt distributor located in Rock Valley, IA.  Off Road Belts provides quality power transmission belts at a cost competitive price.  They provide power transmission belts for many industries including agricultural, industrial, automotive, aggregate, oil, and lawn & garden. Scott DeWeerd (Owner) says”We have been selling belts for 10+ years.  We are excited to showcase our quality product line to the Outlaw Community.” Kurt Van Beek CEO says “We look forward to partnering with Off Road Belts. Their product line varies anywhere from a lawn mower belt to what you need on your combine with over 4,400 different belt lines and growing.”

To see OffRoad Belt’s product line, pricing, and inventory check out

Press Release – Frosted Frog partners with the Outlaw Truck and Tractor Pulling Association

Frosted Frog partners with the Outlaws for 2020
The Outlaw Truck and Tractor Pulling Association is excited to announce our newest partner for the 2020 season Frosted Frog.  Frosted Frog is based out of Rock Valley, Iowa in which they specialize in stainless tumblers and heavy duty insulated coolers.  Frosted Frog is dedicated to making the most superior products to ensure you are 100% satisfied.  President Taylor Van Beek says “We are very excited to partner with Frosted Frog.  They have great products that are comparable to if not exceed the big name brands like Yeti and RTIC while being local enough to serve your every need”  Alex Koedam (Owner) says”We are excited to partner with the Outlaws. We cannot wait to get to know all of the great people involved in the Outlaw Circuit.”
Frosted Frog tumblers and coolers will be available in the Outlaw Truck and Tractor Pulling Souvenir trailer all season long.  You will also have the option to customize your coolers and tumblers however you desire with custom wraps to help you stand out wherever you go.  Be sure to check out all there amazing products by visiting them at

Press Release – Schaeffer’s Oil becomes Official Oil Sponsor for the Outlaws

The Outlaws are excited to announce our newest Sponsor for the 2020 season.  Schaeffer’s Specialized Lubricants will become the Official Oil and Lubricant of Outlaws.

Schaefer’s is based out of St. Louis Missouri where it is in its 6th generation as a family owned company since the company started in 1839.  Schaeffer’s Oil’s philosophy is to provide advanced lubricants for improved performance, reliability and fuel economy.  Schaeffer’s Specialized Lubricants offers a variety of products including industrial lubricants, fuel additives and synthetic engine oils to meet the individual needs of their customers.
“I really think we are at the beginning of a great relationship that is going to work great for both of us.” says William Dehne who is the Regional Director for Schaeffer’s Oil.  Kurt Van Beek CEO of the Outlaws says “We are very excited to partner with such a great company like Schaeffer’s.  Schaeffer’s have great products such as their oil, grease and additives to help your vehicles whether it be your pulling vehicle on the track or machine on your farm.”  COO Adam Vaske says “Schaeffer’s is not just a racing oil company.  They are a superior lubricant company that just happens to make a great racing oil.   They have many products for your farm and fleet that can surpass the level of quality and protection you have been accustomed.  Schaeffer’s even has crop enhancement products that can help with soil quality and yields on your farms.  This is a great partnership between one American family owned business and our great pulling family.”
Help us welcome the newest addition to the Outlaw Family and be sure to check them out at to view all their products and to find a dealer near you.