Banquet Meal Checks

Just a quick note, if you sent a check in for payment for meals for the banquet, Lori will be destroying your check. They have not been cashed and we will not be returning them to you.

If you have questions, please let us know.

Outlaw Update

Everybody’s schedules are always so full and that always makes rescheduling anything difficult.  Because of that we are postponing the Outlaw banquet until after the first of the year, we will still try to have a banquet sometime in early March if we can make something happen.  We will make that decision and let everyone know after the first of the year otherwise we will do the awards presentation at Rock Valley because all the classes are there.  If that happens we will fill you in on how that’s all going to happen at a later date.  If you want to get in on the early discounts for membership or pre-register you have to do that by December all of the application forms and clutch paper forms and pre-register forms are updated and on the website so if you want the early discounts you will have to get them sent in by December.  Please let us know if you have any questions the pre-pay refunds that we would’ve handed out at the banquet will be mailed out in December so you all should be receiving them before the end of the year, hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving with their families. See you all soon thanks Kurt Dave Taylor and Lori.

Outlaw Banquet Update

Hello Everyone,

We are looking to have the Outlaw Banquet December 4 and 5 in Lake of the Ozarks area.  We are trying to find out who would all be interested in attending the banquet.  Please call or email Lori Bauer by Monday November 16 if you can make it.  We will update everyone on our plans after Monday.  We need everyone to respond to Lori by Monday.
Lori Bauer – 515-370-0331


Due the sudden “lockdowns” and restrictions in Nebraska and Iowa, the 2020 banquet has been postponed until further notice. We are currently monitoring the current situation and hope to have a new date and location soon for the the 2020 banquet.


Hello Outlaw pullers the banquet is just around the corner (nov. 13 snd 14 ) and I just wanted to touch base with all of you and cover a few things, we are really looking forward to seeing everyone , The number of people coming is awesome but because of regulations put forth by the state of Nebraska we have to know who is coming by November 6 , you need to have called Lori before November 6 to make a reservation for the banquet on Sat. Night , if you have not called me before November 6 you will not be able to come to the banquet but you are still welcome and allowed to come to the meetings on sat , we just have to have a number for the banquet before November 6, as for wearing mask we are asking everyone to have one with you at all times if you do not have one we will have some there to distribute the rules say that you have to have a mask on when you check in and if you are in public areas and do not have food or drink in your hand, That may change before then but as of now those are the rules, but if you have a water bottle or a drink in your hand or food in front of you you will be fine , which most of you will  most of the time ,they really want us to come and I am sure they will work with us as much as they can but let’s try to work with them as best we can also, let’s just have fun and enjoy the weekend together ,we followed the guidelines for outdoor  events all summer and we will have to follow the guidelines for an in door event like this to get through this, we are one of the few associations even attempting a banquet, we still need people to sign up for the poker tournament which raises money for the scholarship fund if you have not signed up and are wanting to play please get a hold of Lori ASAP, The next generation meeting will be 6:30 on Friday night if you have not signed up you are still welcome to come just show up and go to the meeting. Let’s just all be safe have fun enjoy the weekend see you all soon 

Kurt Van Beek