Iowa State Fair – Entrance Update

Law Officials will be closing down some areas around fairgrounds. If you are coming from the west, you will be able to enter at Gate 2.

If you are parked at the truck stop or casino near Adventureland, come down Hubbel Ave to 33rd Street and straight into Gate 2.

Iowa State Fair Entrance Update

For entrance into the Iowa State Fair use 33rd street and Gate 2. Come in from the east heading west so you can make the turn.

Iowa State Fair Reminder

Iowa State Fair Participants – Just a reminder that entry to the fairgrounds will be different for 2017.

No one will get into the Iowa State Fair until 7:00 A.M. Wed Morning so don’t try to come in after midnight because you will be asked to leave and not be allowed to return. Pullers must leave after the show. No vehicles that are not in or on the trailers will be allowed into the pit area. If the grounds are wet that morning, entry to the pits may be delayed.

All pullers must enter off of University Ave at Gate 33 which is the North entrance. It is very hard to make the turn coming from the west so try to enter from the east.

If you have not made contact with Lori, please do so now for entry. Call, email or text Lori if you are coming. Pre-entry pullers, let Lori know if you are not coming. She will put you in unless you let her know otherwise. Entry will open around 8:30 and will close at noon so please make sure you get entered as soon as possible.

Modification – Missouri State Fair

Slight change to the Missouri State Fair sessions, DSS move to afternoon, 2WD move to evening.

Afternoon – LSS, LLP, SF, P4x4 and DSS

Evening – USS, LPS, MOD, PS, D4x4, 4WD, 2WD

Missouri State Fair Session Info

The following classes will pull in the afternoon session which begins at 1:00. SF, LLP, P4X4, LSS and 2WD.

Evening session begins at 6:30 classes are PS, DSS LPS, MOD, USS, D4x4 and 4WD.

Class pull order will be determined on-site the day of the pull.

Wisner NE Entry Info

If you are planning to come to Wisner please contact Lori via email, text or phone to get entered. Pre-entry pullers let her know if you are not attending.

The Friday session begins at 5:30. Lori is closing entry at 3:30. If it is at all possible, please enter for both Friday and Saturday’s sessions on Friday. Lori will open entry Saturday morning around 8:00 for both Saturday sessions and will close it 10:00 in time for the show starting at noon.

Thanks, Lori