Update – Rule Book

The board voted to make the following rule change to the rule book. The on-line rule book has been updated with this language.

“All turbo charged engines exhaust stacks need to remain intact while hooked to sled.  If it falls off the vehicle it will result in a disqualification. Puller still receives last place points.”

RESULTS – Ravenna

The Results from Ravenna are now up from this past weekend.  Click here for Friday night results and click here for Saturday night Results.  Thanks to everyone who made it to Ravenna and put on such a great show.  For up to date results be sure to download the Outlaw Pulling App available for Android and Apple.

RESULTS – Arlington, NE

The Results from Arlington, NE are now up.  Click here to view them.  Just a reminder to all pullers that Ravenna will be feeding the pullers on Friday night only.  Hope to see everyone there!

Longdale OK

Longdale has been cancelled due to rain.

Longdale OK

The show at Longdale OK is still a go. There has been no rain on the track for over a week and they have decreased the possibility of rain for Saturday.

Updates – Rule Book

An updated copy of the rule book has been posted to the web site.

Two updates:

D30 or the Diesel 4×4 pickup class 3.0 – Turbocharger: The vehicle is limited to a 3-inch slick bore without map ring. All provisions allowing the air into the wheel other than via bore is prohibited. The vehicle driver will be responsible for making compressor wheel accessible for tech personnel to measure bore. No removable plugs or reducers allowed to reduce to legal spec.

Pre-entry – number of missed events to still qualify has been updated

OTTPA Communications

We are beginning to send communications out via email to our members. If you would like to be added to the email communications list, please send your name and email address to susan@outlawpulling.com.

2017 Pre Entry – Due May 15

The refund checks from 2016 pre-paid entries are in the mail along with the 2017 pre-entry form. You can find the pre-entry form on the Pullers page. Pre-entries are due May 15th.

Thoughts & Prayers

Once again, our thoughts and prayers go out to a couple of OTTPA members. Please keep the Jim Scheffler family in your prayers. Judy Scheffler, Jim’s wife passed away. Tom Scheffler, Jim and Judy’s son is also an OTTPA member, please keep all of them in your prayers as they go through this troubled time.

OTTPA Collecting Fire Relief Donations

Below is information on this fund.

2017 Young and Beginning Farmer & Rancher Relief Fund

 On March 6, wildfires swept through an estimated 1.5 million acres in Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Colorado. Thousands of cattle were lost, homes gone and futures left looking uncertain. But the beauty in this is the outpouring of friends across the United States asking what they can do to help.

To be a young or beginning farmer or rancher means you’ve chosen the path less traveled. Your drive is your passion, not your paycheck.  It’s often a bumpy path without the added stress from a natural disaster such as this.

This fund has been created for those who want to help, specifically, young and beginning farmers and ranchers from Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma & Texas who were affected by these wildfires.

You can help young and beginning farmers and ranchers impacted by fires in Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado rebuild. Every donation helps.

The Outlaw Truck & Tractor Pullers Association will be making a $500 donation to this relief effort. We are asking any pullers that are interested in joining our efforts to issue their check to Kansas Farm Bureau Foundation, put YF&R Fire Relief in the memo line and send it to Susan Dunklau, 4638 CO RD P 11, Arlington NE 68002. We will send all proceeds to this Young and Beginning Farmer Rancher Relief Fund.